About Anabel

About Anabel

Chrysanthemum AnabelAnabel is the new Grand Dame among disbud chrysanthemums. Intense white petals in the shape of ribbons form a truly oversized sparkly star from a fresh green heart. Its true appeal only becomes clears when you meet her personally. Holding this Big Beauty in your hand and experiencing its weight of at least 100 grams instantly clarifies what it has to offer in stamina and charisma.

Chrysanthemum AnabelBig impression

The XXL size and imposing weight of the flower make sure only a few are needed to make a big impression. This makes Anabel irresistible from a commercial point of view for wholesale, export, retail and consumer. As fresh and bright new disbud it is a great asset in mixed bouquets and floral arrangements and needs little company. Its serene presence makes Anabel very suitable for bridal work, sympathy and funeral flowers and other statement arrangements that need something special.

Versailles à la Russe

Royal Van Zanten’s new disbud is named after a Spanish courtesan who caused quite a stir among the Russian aristocracy in Paris. This Anabel always wore bright white silk shawls and lead a cultural salon in the style of the Peterhof Palace, also known as the Russian Versailles. Chrysanthemum Anabel shares this allure. It’s a classic beauty that exudes luxury, enhanced by the fancy sleeve the flowers are wrapped in. That means XXLuxury in your assortment, in-shop and at home with the costumer.


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